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Ordinary Citizens

The Better Democracy Portal is a place for ordinary citizens to learn and find opportunities to impact policy. The participation feed recommends the best and latest opportunities in the places you follow. Check out the feed.

Some of what you'll find browsing around the participation feed:

  • Open Data Visualizations: Learn what your government is up to. Understand the issues affecting your community.
  • Local Government Outreach: Find out about meetings, surveys, and other opportunities to have your voice heard.
  • Decision Tools: Make the right decision by learning about the background and effects of a proposal, then weighing important arguments.
  • Critical Thinking Exercises: Practice catching illogical arguments on both sides of important issues.
  • More: A collection of action-packed tools, quizzes, surveys, articles, and videos awaits!

Students and Teachers

Students: visit our Students Site.
Teachers: manage your courses and assignments at the Teachers Site.


Visit our Journalist Portal to get started. We provide a growing suite of free web tools for local news organizations to inform their communities and get them engaged with their government.

Land Use Planning Outreach

Doing outreach for a land use planning project? Want to get feedback from your community? Run a survey using our land use planning outreach tool. Contact us to sign up for FREE access.

City Budget Transparency

Want to help your community members to be informed and able to make smart decisions on local ballot measures? Want beautiful visuals to explore your city's spending without spending six figures? Try our city budget transparency tool. Check out an example, or contact us to sign up for FREE access for your local news organization.

Public Meetings

Want more participation without the mailing lists? Want to give a voice to community members who can't make the meeting? Want to follow up with attendees? Try our public meeting tool. Contact us to sign up for FREE access for your local news organization.

Tool Exchange

Looking for something else? Our tool exchange has information about dozens of useful tools that might do the trick. Check out the tool exchange.

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